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3-Day Psilocybin Retreat



Our 3-day psychedelic retreat with one psilocybin truffle ceremony, two overnight stays, and post-retreat Integration Programme offers a unique opportunity for real transformation.

Lead by expert psychedelic facilitators and integration therapists, this programme includes complementary wellness activities and support in the form of group sharing, one-on-one sessions with the facilitators, mindfulness practices, access to a comprehensive integration Resource Library and Exclusive  12 month Membership Package to and online community space where you can attend online events and courses.


8 – 10 December 2023


Shared room: €1850

Private en suite bathroom: €2450

Private room couple’s package: €3875



Psilocybin Retreats Spain

You are invited to join us in a retreat experience where luxury meets transcendence, ushering in a new era of self-discovery amidst the breath-taking beauty of Spain’s Andalusian hills. Experience the fusion of opulence and spirituality, where every moment is a cherished note in a harmonious melody of personal transformation and enlightenment.

The therapeutic potential of psilocybin-assisted therapy has been well documented, including being beneficial for challenges like PTSD, addiction, and depression.

Attending a holistic Psychedelic Retreat, you become immersed within a meticulously crafted environment, ensuring a journey of introspection, healing, and enlightenment.
Such retreats are transformative odysseys, allowing participants to intimately acquaint themselves with their core-being and dance with elevated states of consciousness.
These psychedelic retreats unlock a crucial ‘critical period’ in our brains, increasing neuroplasticity. It’s within this pivotal phase that individuals sculpt new, harmonious habits, nurturing serenity, and well-being.
Attending a Psychedelic Retreat is not just an event but a symphony of consciousness, a nexus of personal exploration, remediation, and profound self-discovery. With psilocybin as its maestro, the retreat orchestrates epiphanies, emotional crescendos, and an enriched bond with oneself and the infinite cosmos.



Our Exclusive Membership Package

Extend your retreat experience with access to an extensive resource package including group preparation and integrations calls. Here you will receive full support from our expert psychedelic facilitators and therapists along with a multitude of resources that are meticulously designed to aid your journey through this profound process.



All-inclusive premium support experience for 12 months.

Private community space

Free life-time access to your retreat’s private community space

Private retreat-only chat space

Expand the retreat journey with community membership for 12 months.

Integration recourses

Preparation course

Yoga Nidra Series

Breath-work for integration course

Trauma resolution masterclass

Mindfulness Series

Ongoing monthly integration events.

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3-day Psilocybin Retreat

At Rejuvyn, we have meticulously designed our 3-day Psilocybin Retreat to ensure the most conducive environment for your psychedelic experience.

Our seasoned facilitators and integration therapists, draw upon their vast expertise, including psilocybin-assisted therapy, to craft an environment where individual and collective support thrive. Creating an anchor trust and safety during your journey, they ensure emotional, spiritual, and cognitive rejuvenation within a supportive space.

Elevate your experience by staying at our luxury retreat villa, a serene sanctuary nestled within nature’s embrace. Here, the world of ceaseless technology fades, allowing the soothing lull of nature to usher in profound moments of introspection.

Central to our retreat is the potent Psilocybin Ceremony, a meticulously orchestrated event. Under the stewardship of our adept facilitators, you traverse the enigmatic realms of the mind with guidance and grace, culminating in a holistic integration process.

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What to expect

Anticipate unparalleled guidance when you embark upon a psychedelic retreat with us. Our team of facilitators, withover two decades of collective expertise, steward the psilocybin ceremonies with the perfect blend of reverence and therapeutic consideration. Within this sanctuary, you can travel on your profound journey in absolute confidence.

Entrusting yourself to our skilled facilitators, you’re empowered with the strength to move through this process of consciousness expansion, unlocking profound insights.

The use of live music and a thoughtfully curated playlist, weave an ethereal tapestry of sound therapy that elevates your experience. Elements revered for their cleansing properties, such as Palo Santo and Aqua di Florida, are invoked to sanctify the space, emanating tranquillity. Each ceremony spans approximately six hours, with psilocybin dosages meticulously tailored, emerging from intimate discussions and the intuitive acumen of our facilitators.

The Psilocybin Retreat Process

Embarking on a psilocybin retreat is a profound journey. The essence of a psychedelic retreat lies in its transformative arc, commencing with a sincere intention to heal, progress, and liberate oneself from entrenched blockages and behavioural cycles. This entrancing voyage unlocks portals to unseen realms, amplifying one’s awareness and bestowing fresh perspectives.

As the ceremonial moment approaches, it’s only natural to grapple with a medley of emotions and anticipations. Yet, psilocybin stands as an empowering beacon, illuminating inner wisdom and strength.

While psilocybin isn’t a panacea, it serves as a potent instrument for metamorphosis. The efficacy of this journey hinges on your engagement and unwavering commitment. The most pivotal phase begins upon your homeward return, ushering in the era of integration. It’s in this space that the teachings and revelations from the psilocybin odyssey are actualised.

To truly harness this transformative energy, carve out moments of solitude, seek tranquillity through modalities like meditation or yoga, prioritise holistic well-being, introspect regularly, curate your circle diligently, cultivate pockets of joy, and indulge in endeavours that resonate with happiness. The path to genuine evolution is paved with the deliberate application of insights gleaned from the psychedelic retreat.

By heeding this counsel and wholeheartedly immersing in the integration phase, you’re poised to establish renewed habits and make enlightened decisions that resonate with your evolutionary trajectory. Bear in mind, a psychedelic retreat is but the ignition of change, and your sustained dedication and mindfulness fortify the continuum of healing and self-enhancement.

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Getting Ready for Our Psilocybin Retreat

Before embarking on the psychedelic journey, a thoughtful preparation can immensely enrich your experience. Such readiness not only fosters trust and eases surrender to the psychedelic realm but also encourages you to crystallize intentions that can influence the retreat’s outcome.

Preparation transcends merely outlining intentions; it’s an opportunity to anchor yourself. Devoting time to nature, grounding oneself, and forging a personal connection ensures a calm mind, creating a nurturing environment, ensuring you’re centred prior to the revelatory moments, facilitating the influx of fresh perceptions.

Post-Retreat Integration

Emerging from an enlightening or perhaps challenging psychedelic experience can make the transition back to daily routines seem daunting. If you’re a pioneer in your circle, having ventured into psychedelics, you might find loved ones unable to resonate with your feelings.

This juncture underscores the importance of integration. Devoid of this step, a psychedelic voyage might stagnate as a solitary episode. But, with intentional integration, the transformative potential of the experience becomes palpably impactful, revolutionizing one’s life.

Who Should Attend Our Psilocybin Retreat

Delve into the transformative depths of a psychedelic retreat, an odyssey allowing you to forge a deeper bond with your inner self and the cosmos, unlocking avenues for holistic healing, cosmic affection, and profound tranquillity. No prior psychedelic engagements are necessary for participation.

Our psychedelic retreats beckon individuals with diverse aspirations, be it a quest for amplified consciousness, introspection, spiritual elevation, or emotive connections. The psychedelic retreat isn’t just an experience, it’s an instrument for self-improvement, mental well-being, and holistic recuperation. It possesses the potency to dismantle entrenched barriers and liberate one from obsolete behavioural patterns, many buried deep within the psyche. By offering clarity and dismantling these barriers, psilocybin paves the way for personal rejuvenation.

Furthermore, psilocybin encounters propel individuals towards authenticity, nudging them to resonate with their core essence. It questions and overturns restrictive beliefs, furnishing an evolved lens to view reality. Despite the initial whirlwind of emotions, the resultant paradigm shifts emancipate one from feelings of inadequacy, apprehension, and discontent. Psilocybin beckons one to confront their concealed facets, releasing pent-up vigour and fostering an ambiance conducive for genuine self-expression and elevated spirits.

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Guidance for Your Psychedelic Retreat Journey

Embarking on a psychedelic retreat? Here are some sage pointers to enhance your transformative sojourn.

During this profound journey, you might find yourself enveloped in remarkable revelations. To ensure these invaluable moments aren’t fleeting, consider journaling. Writing encapsulates emotions and insights, making them tangible for future reflection. Alternatively, voice memos or short video diaries can serve as touching reminders.

While the allure of the digital realm is undeniable, this might be a fitting time to step back. Work notifications and the perpetual buzz of social media can tether you back to mundanity. Prioritize your introspection by momentarily distancing from electronic devices.

Above all, embrace yourself with compassion and patience. Release any preconceived expectations. If you’re a novice or in the nascent stages of your spiritual journey, surrendering to the process is often the best approach. Rest assured, our nurturing team is alongside you, every heartbeat of the way.

Demystifying: Psilocybin Retreat vs. Psilocybin Therapy

Let’s delve into the nuanced distinction between psilocybin retreats and psilocybin therapy.

While they converge in leveraging the therapeutic prowess of psilocybin, their goals, ambience, and structure diverge significantly.

Setting & Ambience – Retreats vs. Therapy

Psychedelic retreats often nestle amidst secluded vistas, be it serene nature backdrops or bespoke establishments. This setting facilitates participants in transcending their usual environs and daily turbulence, engrossing fully in the psychedelic odyssey. Such retreats span multiple days, sometimes weeks, affording ample opportunity for introspection and integration.

Conversely, psilocybin therapy is typically nestled within a clinical or therapeutic milieu. Participants engage with seasoned therapists or medical professionals, ensuring a guided and supportive venture. This therapeutic journey is protracted, punctuated with preliminary consultations and post-session debriefs to accentuate therapeutic outcomes. 

Aims – Retreats vs. Therapy

The psilocybin retreat is often an avenue for personal evolution, spiritual quests, and reframing life’s lens. It can catalyse creativity, self-awareness, or holistic well-being, granting participants profound epiphanies and insights.

In contrast, psilocybin therapy targets specific psychological or emotional conundrums, be they depression, anxiety, PTSD, or addiction. Collaborative engagements with skilled therapists facilitate pinpointing and navigating underlying issues.

Framework & Assistance

Psilocybin retreats champion a fluid, flexible approach. Participants are endowed with the autonomy to personalize their journey, including substance dosage. The retreat often incorporates auxiliary pursuits like meditation, yoga, or nature immersion to enrich the experience. Attendees can opt for solitary retreats or group immersions.

In the realm of psilocybin therapy, there’s a pronounced emphasis on structure. Sessions adhere to meticulously crafted protocols. Therapists monitor and modulate psilocybin dosage, ever-present to assist, guide, and ensure seamless integration.

In deciding between the two, introspection on one’s objectives, aspirations, and personal inclinations is paramount.

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