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4-Day Psilocybin Retreat



Our 4-day psilocybin mushroom retreat with two powerful psilocybin ceremonies, three overnight stays, and post-retreat Integration Programme offers a unique opportunity for real transformation.

Lead by expert psychedelic facilitators and integration therapists, this programme includes complementary wellness activities and support in the form of group sharingone-on-one sessions with the facilitators, mindfulness practices, access to a comprehensive integration Resource Library and Exclusive  12 month Membership Package to an online community space where you can attend online events and courses.


10 – 13 November 2023

15 – 18 December 2023


Shared room: €2350

Private en suite bathroom: €2850

Private room couple’s package: €4475



Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat Spain

Join us for an extraordinary retreat, a blend of luxury and transcendence, set against the stunning backdrop of Spain’s Andalusian hills. Immerse yourself in an environment where luxury blends with spirituality, fostering a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Discover the benefits psilocybin, scientifically supported, offering therapeutic advantages in overcoming challenges such as PTSD, addiction, and depression.

By participating in our comprehensive Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat, you will find yourself enveloped in an environment curated with precision. Our expert team facilitates a voyage of profound introspection, healing, and spiritual awakening.

These retreats serve as transformative journeys, enabling our guest to deeply connect with their essential self and explore heightened states of consciousness.

Our 4-day psilocybin retreat experience opens a mental ‘critical period’, enhancing brain neuroplasticity. This pivotal stage allows for the cultivation of new, harmonious habits that foster tranquility and overall well-being. This is why we place such importance on the integration phase of your experience, to ensure lasting change in your life.

Participating in this retreat signifies embarking on a rich symphony of conscious awakening. It becomes a powerful convergence point of personal exploration, healing, and immense self-discovery. Guided by psilocybin, the retreat leads participants through transformative realisations, emotional highs, and a deeper connection with oneself and the vast universe.



Exclusive Membership Package

Elevate your retreat experience with our exclusive membership package, rich with numerous resources meticulously crafted to support your transformative journey. Receive unrivalled support from our team of professional psychedelic facilitators and therapists.



2 profound Psilocybin Ceremonies.

Continuous Premium Support: Benefit from all-encompassing support for a span of 12 months.

Private Community Access: Enjoy lifetime access to a private community space exclusive to your retreat.

Exclusive Chat Space: Engage in a retreat-specific chat area, enriching your retreat experience.

Community Membership: Enhance your journey with a 12-month community membership.

Integration Resources: Access resources like a Preparation Course, Yoga Nidra Series, Breathwork Integration Course, Trauma Resolution Masterclass, and a Mindfulness Series.

Regular Integration Events: Participate in monthly integration events, facilitating continuous growth and development.

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4-day Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat

Join us at Rejuvyn for a meticulously curated 4-day Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat, specifically designed to optimise your psychedelic journey within a nurturing atmosphere.

Guided by our expert facilitators and integration therapists, we leverage vast knowledge and experience working with psilocybin therapeutically to foster a space where both individual and community support flourish. Their presence is a pillar of trust and safety, ensuring that your journey is enveloped in emotional, spiritual, and cognitive revitalisation within a cocoon of support.

Experience the epitome of tranquillity in our lavish retreat villa, a peaceful haven cradled in the arms of nature. This idyllic setting ensures the ever-present stress of daily life dissipates, allowing nature’s calming rhythms to facilitate deep moments of self-reflection.

At the heart of our retreat are the impactful Psilocybin Ceremonies. This event is carefully coordinated and led by our skilled facilitators, allowing you to navigate the mysterious pathways of the mind with assurance and elegance, leading to a comprehensive process of integration.

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What to expect

Step into a realm of exceptional guidance as you commence your psilocybin mushroom retreat journey with us. Entrust to our adept team of facilitators, who bring over twenty years of amalgamated wisdom, managing the psilocybin ceremonies with a harmonious balance of respect and therapeutic mindfulness. In this haven, embark on your remarkable voyage with utmost assurance.

In the compassionate care of our proficient facilitators, you gain the empowering support necessary to navigate through this transformative phase of expanding consciousness, uncovering deep, insightful revelations.

Our ceremonies are accentuated with the resonance of carefully selected music orchestrating a celestial ambiance of sound therapy to enhance your journey. Sacred elements, renowned for their purifying qualities like Palo Santo and Aqua di Florida, are utilised to consecrate the atmosphere, radiating a sense of peace. Each meticulously planned ceremony unfolds over an estimated six hours, where psilocybin dosages are customised through intimate dialogues and the insightful discernment of our facilitators.

The Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat Process

Embarking upon a psilocybin mushroom retreat unfolds a significant odyssey. Central to the retreat is its transformative journey, beginning with a heartfelt commitment to healing, advancing, and freeing oneself from ingrained obstructions and patterns of behaviour. This mesmerising adventure opens doors to unexplored dimensions, enhancing consciousness and granting new viewpoints.

As the ceremony’s pivotal moment nears, experiencing a spectrum of emotions and expectations is common. Psilocybin acts as a radiant guide in this process, unveiling pathways to inner resilience and knowledge.

Although psilocybin doesn’t claim to be a universal remedy, it acts as a powerful catalyst in one’s transformation. The success of this expedition is intimately tied to your active participation and steadfast dedication. A crucial stage of this journey unveils itself as you reintegrate post-retreat, a phase where the newfound wisdom and revelations begin to materialise in daily life.

To fully embrace the transformative potential, dedicate time to solitude, engage in peaceful practices like meditation or yoga, focus on comprehensive well-being, engage in reflective practices, thoughtfully choose your social interactions, nourish moments of happiness, and engage in activities that align with joy and contentment.

The roadmap to authentic transformation is marked by the intentional embodiment of the learnings acquired during the psychedelic retreat.

By valuing this advice and deeply engaging in the post-retreat integration process, you position yourself to cultivate new habits and enlightened choices that align with your path of evolution. Remember, a psychedelic mushroom retreat signifies the commencement of transformation, where your continuous effort and awareness bolster the ongoing journey of healing and personal growth.

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Preparation for the Mushroom Retreat

Prior to embarking on your psychedelic voyage, deliberate and mindful preparation is instrumental in enriching your overall experience. Such preparedness cultivates a foundation of trust, facilitates a graceful immersion into the psychedelic experience, and helps in forming clear and purposeful intentions that can profoundly shape the outcome of the retreat.

Preparation goes beyond the mere formulation of intentions; it becomes a conduit to ground yourself. Spending time amidst nature, establishing a sense of grounding, and cultivating personal connections aids in achieving mental tranquillity. This preparation fosters a nurturing space, enabling you to be centred and receptive, thus paving the way for transformative insights and perceptions.

Integration Following the Retreat

Transitioning back to routine life post an enlightening, or possibly challenging, psychedelic journey might seem overwhelming. Being a trailblazer in your social circles in exploring psychedelics might result in feelings of solitude, as loved ones may find it challenging to connect with your experiences.

At this intersection, the significance of integration becomes paramount. Absence of thoughtful integration might lead the psychedelic journey to remain an isolated incident. However, when integrated with intention and mindfulness, the psychedelic experience unveils its transformative essence, manifesting meaningful changes and advancements in one’s life.

Who Is Our Psilocybin Retreat For

Explore the transformative realms of our psilocybin mushroom retreat, a journey designed to strengthen your connection with your inner essence and the universe, unveiling paths to comprehensive healing, celestial connection, and profound peace. Participation does not necessitate previous encounters with psychedelics.

Our retreats are inviting to individuals harbouring varied objectives, whether it be the pursuit of enhanced awareness, self-exploration, spiritual upliftment, or emotional interconnectedness. The mushroom retreat transcends being merely an experience; it emerges as a tool for personal enhancement, mental health, and overall rejuvenation. It holds the profound ability to deconstruct long-standing impediments, liberating individuals from outdated behavioural tendencies that reside in the recesses of one’s mind. Psilocybin, in clarifying and breaking down these obstacles, facilitates a path towards individual renewal.

Additionally, experiences with psilocybin drive individuals closer to their authentic selves, encouraging alignment with their intrinsic nature. It challenges and revaluates limiting convictions, providing a refined perspective to perceive existence. Beyond the initial tumult of emotions, the subsequent shifts in perspective liberate individuals from feelings of insufficiency, anxiety, and dissatisfaction. Psilocybin encourages confronting hidden aspects of oneself, unlocking suppressed vitality, and cultivating an environment ripe for sincere self-expression and uplifted spirits.

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Guidance for Navigating Your Psilocybin Retreat Journey

About to undertake a psilocybin retreat? Here’s some enlightened advice to optimise your transformative excursion.

Throughout this deep journey, you may be wrapped in extraordinary revelations. To immortalise these precious moments and prevent them from being ephemeral, consider the practice of journaling. Capturing your feelings and discoveries in writing or convenient voice notes can make them accessible for future contemplation.

Despite the captivating presence of the digital world, consider this an opportunity to temporarily disengage. The constant influx of work alerts and the incessant hum of social media can anchor you to everyday trivialities. To prioritise your inward journey, consider taking a brief hiatus from electronic gadgets.

Most importantly, treat yourself with kindness and patience. Let go of any preformed anticipations. Especially if you are a beginner or in the initial phases of your spiritual voyage, allowing yourself to fluidly engage with the experience is often most beneficial. Be comforted by the knowledge that our supportive team will be with you, accompanying every pulse of your journey.

Clarifying the Concepts: Mushroom Retreat vs. Psilocybin Therapy

Let’s unravel the subtle differences distinguishing psilocybin mushroom retreats from psilocybin therapy.

Both modalities utilise psilocybin’s therapeutic capabilities, but they diverge significantly in their objectives, environment, and methodology.

Environment and Atmosphere – Comparing Retreats and Therapy

Psychedelic retreats typically inhabit isolated and tranquil locations, such as serene natural surroundings or specialised venues. These environments enable participants to transcend their routine spaces and daily disturbances, fully immersing in the psychedelic journey. The retreats, lasting several days or even weeks, provide extensive opportunities for self-reflection and integration.

On the contrary, psilocybin therapy predominantly occurs in a clinical or therapeutic setting. Here, participants interact with experienced therapists or healthcare experts, ensuring a journey that is both guided and supportive. This elongated therapeutic process is accentuated with initial consultations and follow-up discussions to enhance the therapeutic benefits.

Objectives – Differentiating Between Retreats and Therapy

Psilocybin mushroom retreats often serve as pathways to personal development, spiritual exploration, and redefining one’s perspective on life. They can ignite creativity, promote self-awareness, or enhance overall well-being, offering participants profound realisations and insights.

In juxtaposition, psilocybin therapy aims to address specific psychological or emotional challenges such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or addiction. The involvement of professional therapists aid in identifying and navigating the root causes of these issues with precision.

Structure and Support

Psychedelic retreats tend to promote a more flexible and adaptable approach. Participants have the freedom to tailor their experiences, including determining their psilocybin dosage. These retreats frequently integrate complementary activities like meditation, yoga, or nature engagements, augmenting the overall experience. Options are available for individual or group participations.

In psilocybin therapy, there is a stronger emphasis on structured guidance. Sessions are conducted following carefully curated protocols with therapists overseeing and adjusting psilocybin dosages as necessary, ensuring continual support, guidance, and facilitation of integration.

Choosing between the two necessitates thoughtful consideration of one’s goals, desires, and individual preferences.

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