Customised Psilocybin Retreat

Many Yoga mats, meditation pillows and blankets in natural wooden room with many windows

Join us for our exclusive and transformational private psilocybin retreat if you’re looking for an intimate and loving atmosphere with just yourself or loved ones.

The length of your stay, the amount of ceremonies, the group size, as well as specific activities you wish to include in your retreat and dietary preferences; the entire experience can be shaped entirely according to your unique needs and preferences.

We offer the option to attend a retreat up to 5 days, with a group of up to 15 individuals.

Led by expert psychedelic facilitators and integration therapists, this programme includes support in the form of one-on-one sessions with the facilitators, mindfulness practices, access to a comprehensive preparation & integration resource library and an exclusive 12-month membership package to an online community space where you can attend online events and courses.


We plan our private retreats on demand and tailored to your needs.

Open availability

Please contact us for 2024.


Price will be determined based on your specific requests.

Psychedelic Healing

Our private psilocybin retreat is an expertly crafted experience that can encompass 1 or multiple psilocybin ceremonies, a preparation call as well as an integration call with our facilitator, and the opportunity to book a 2-hour integration session with one of our integration therapists.

The structure is designed with the intention to guide you to deep experiences of self-exploration and personal growth, with plenty of room to create a personalised itinerary that aligns with your unique needs and goals.

You may wish to enrich your retreat experience and allow yourself to dive even deeper into your process by including modalities such as a cacao ceremony, yoga and meditation classes, and breathwork sessions.

The meals can also be tailored to your dietary preferences. Anything you may need to foster a profound connection to your own body and mind, we’ll do our very best to provide.

Our Exclusive Membership Package

Extend your retreat experience with access to an extensive resource package including preparation and integration calls.

Here you will receive full support from our expert psychedelic facilitators and therapists along with a multitude of resources that are meticulously designed to aid your journey through this profound process.


Psilocybin ceremonies

Healing modalities of your choice

All-inclusive premium support experience for 12 months

Preparation call

Integration call

2-hour session with an integration expert of your choice

Private community space

Integration resources

Preparation course

Mindfulness exercises

Ongoing monthly integration events

Expert Guidance,
Profound Discovery,
Lasting Transformation

Step into a realm of peace and tranquillity

Dutch farm house near the wadden sea, drone picture

Enter into a serene realm of reflection and tranquillity nestled within the Dutch countryside, near the Wadden Sea. If you seek solitude over group dynamics and crave a personalised experience, our customisable private retreat could be the ideal choice.

Engage in profound conversations with our facilitator, allowing thoughts to flow freely as they guide you towards personal growth and genuine connections. Tailored to your desires and objectives, we’ll delve into the topics you wish to explore, unravelling layers of intention to create an atmosphere perfectly attuned to your preferences and requirements.

Our aim is to cultivate a sanctuary of safety and confidence, enabling you to fully unwind and venture into uncharted internal landscapes. We’re dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, before, during, and after the retreat. Whether you’re well-versed in psychedelic ceremonies or entirely new to the experience, this private retreat is created to enrich your existence on multiple levels.

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