4-Day Private Psilocybin Retreat

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Discover the epitome of transcendent indulgence with our 4-Day Psilocybin Private Retreat with two psychedelic ceremonies, at our luxurious retreat villa located under the rejuvenating rays of the Mediterranean sun.

Experience profound inner reflections and broadened awareness as you embark on this journey into uncharted personal territories. Walk through a gateway and rediscover the world from renewed perspective.

Lead by expert psychedelic facilitators and integration therapists, this programme includes complementary wellness activities and support in the form of one-on-one sessions with the facilitators, mindfulness practices, access to a comprehensive integration Resource Library and Exclusive 12 month Membership Package to and online community space where you can attend online events and courses.


We plan our private retreats on demand and tailored to your needs.

Open availability

Please contact us for 2024.


One Person: €7250


Psychedelic Healing

Our 4-day Psilocybin Retreat is an expertly crafted experience that encompasses two significant psilocybin ceremonies, guiding you to unparalleled depths of self-exploration and personal growth. Our expert facilitators, boasting a rich history of guiding individuals worldwide, stand as pillars of support during these ceremonies, fostering an environment for profound insights, deep-seated emotional healing, and the breaking free from age-old barriers and hindrances.

Delve deep into your emotional, spiritual, and physical realms, within the protective embrace of our meticulously curated environment. Allow yourself to be enveloped within a secure and private space as you venture into the unknown with the confidence and complete attention of expert psychedelic facilitators. Private ceremonies, yoga sessions, and a personal chef surrounded by the magnificent Spanish landscape and opulent accommodation.

Our Exclusive Membership Package

Extend your retreat experience with access to an extensive resource package including group preparation and integrations calls. Here you will receive full support from our expert psychedelic facilitators and therapists along with a multitude of resources that are meticulously designed to aid your journey through this profound process.


All-inclusive premium support experience for 12 months.

Private community space

Free life-time access to your retreat’s private community space

Private retreat-only chat space

Expand the retreat journey with community membership for 12 months.

Integration recourses

Preparation course

Yoga Nidra Series

Breath-work for integration course

Trauma resolution masterclass

Mindfulness Series

Ongoing monthly integration events.

Expert Guidance,
Profound Discovery,
Lasting Transformation

Step into a realm of peace and tranquillity

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Step into a realm of peace and tranquillity with our exquisite retreat villa, an idyllic sanctuary cradled by the nurturing ambiance of the Spanish hills. Here, you will feel nature’s embrace in complete seclusion. Our spacious villa offers an atmosphere of sophistication with a blend of timeless classical design. Disconnect from the digital dominance of mainstream life and settle yourself into a rhythm of serenity, introspection, and rejuvenated solitude.

Our meticulously designed programme stands as a beacon of support and guidance, courtesy of our seasoned facilitators. Venture into profound dialogues with the team and avail of their expert knowledge and extensive experience, promising avenues for personal evolution and heartfelt connections. As a nurturing complement, we invite you to immerse yourself in our well-rounded wellness modules, brimming with preparation and mindfulness practices. These dedicated spaces beckon you to articulate and explore your inner intentions, fostering a grounded and harmonious assimilation into the retreat ambiance.

In our nurturing embrace, we foster a haven of safety and trust, encouraging you to wholly embrace this transformative journey with open arms. Guided by our seasoned retreat leader and their supportive team, you will traverse into the fascinating realms of personal discovery, receiving unwavering guidance not only during the ceremonies but also through the vital integration phase. Embarking on this path with Psilocybin is an act of bravery, pushing you beyond the familiar boundaries, but rest assured, the bounty of growth and enlightenment that awaits is boundless for those ready to make that bold stride.

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