Our 1-day Psilocybin Retreat

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Join us for our 1-day private psilocybin retreat if you’re looking for an intimate and loving atmosphere with just yourself or a loved one. 

You can enjoy the full attention of our lead facilitator in our private setting without any distractions in this exclusive psilocybin retreat. 

Led by expert psychedelic facilitators and integration therapists, this programme includes support in the form of one-on-one sessions with the facilitators, mindfulness practices, and access to comprehensive preparation & integration resources.


We plan our private retreats on demand and tailored to your needs.

Open availability

Please contact us for 2024.


One Person: €2375

Couple: €3500


Amsterdam City Centre or the Dutch countryside

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Our 1-day private psilocybin retreat is an expertly crafted experience that encompasses 1 psilocybin ceremony, and preparation as well as integration sessions with our facilitator. The structure is designed with the intention to guide you to deep experiences of self-exploration and personal growth, with plenty of room to create a personalised itinerary that aligns with your unique needs and goals. Depending on your facilitator, the programme may vary slightly, but more detailed information you will receive during your application call and after your booking has been confirmed!

Our Exclusive Membership Package

Extend your retreat experience with access to an extensive resource package including group preparation and integration calls. Here you will receive the full support from our trusted expert psychedelic facilitators and Nectara therapists along with a multitude of resources that are meticulously designed to aid your journey through this profound process.


1 psilocybin ceremony

1 or 2 preparation sessions (online or in person)

2 integration sessions (online or in person)

Private community space 

Integration resources

Preparation course

Mindfulness exercises

Extended integration support after the programme


Facilitator Nigel
Grounded, Open, Compassionate

Facilitator & Integration Coach Nigel

I am a wanderer, a consciousness guide, ceremony leader and psychedelic facilitator. 

I bring a unique blend of experience to service, formed from 50 years of a well trodden path.

A journey with many twists and turns, I have lived in the UK (London and Brighton), The Netherlands, and Nicaragua, and worked and travelled extensively across Europe, The Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. I undertook my first solo round-the-world trip when I was just 18 and ever since hitting the road has been one of my main forms of contemplative and spiritual practice over the years since. My professional  experience spans the corporate, non-profit, volunteer and the healing and self-development sectors. I have truly worked from the boardroom to the bush and everything in between, working with CEOs, government ministers, community health workers, digital human rights campaigners, the homeless, the queer community, spiritual seekers and those in search of healing. 

Along the way have been a few serious burnouts, some broken hearts, a coming out and the finding of true love – all of which have contributed to my  personal process emergence and growth. 

Plant medicines and other practices of altered states of consciousness (ASC) have become an integral part of my own life and personal development  journey. I am thankful to them for facilitating a wondrous remembering in terms of my own personal spiritual beliefs and existential wisdom and for deepening by sense of inner peace and presence.  It is my honour to support others on their journeys.

Experienced, Empowering, Supportive

Head Facilitator René

One of the Founders of Rejuvyn and the visionary behind for two other entheogenic retreat centres in the Netherlands, René has served as a primary guide during psychedelic retreats and mentor for over thirteen years. Offering a safe environment worthing with psilocybin medicine for significant self-evolution and recuperation for countless global attendees. Throughout his odyssey, René has collaborated intimately with native shamans and Western entheogenic enthusiasts, melding ancient indigenous insights with contemporary Western perspectives.

Owing to his unparalleled knowledge and skills, René has devised the optimal and most conducive setting for participants to undergo this potent transformational venture as you journey through your psychedelic retreats. Every element, from music and lighting to expert facilitators and complementary wellness activities like yoga and sound therapy, is meticulously chosen to curate the ideal ambiance. René fosters confidence by creating a nurturing, unbiased retreat space for participants to delve into their internal and external realms.

What to expect

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You will step into a realm of transformation and introspection in our beautiful location in either central Amsterdam or the Dutch countryside – whatever your preference may be. If you don’t prefer group settings and are looking for a private stay, then the 1-day private retreat may be a perfect fit for you.

The retreat will allow for profound dialogues with the facilitator in a free-flowing manner, guiding you to a place of personal evolution and heartfelt connection. We will dive into the themes that you wish to work on, unpacking the different layers of your intention, ensuring that the entire ambiance is suited especially for your preferences and needs.

Our intention is to foster a haven of safety and trust, where you’ll be able to let go completely and explore new inner terrains. Before, during, and after the retreat, we will be ready to support you with whatever you may need. Whether you have a lot of experience with psychedelic ceremonies or none whatsoever, this private retreat is an experience that will enrich your being in its many facets.

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