Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

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While psychedelics offer profound opportunities for breaking ingrained patterns and instigating genuine transformation, they aren’t panaceas that automatically solve all challenges.

Without a deliberate integration process, the valuable insights and healing experienced during a psychedelic journey risk fading away as individuals revert to their regular routines, allowing old habits to resurface unchecked.

Integration serves as the crucial bridge between the psychedelic experience and everyday life, enabling individuals to effectively incorporate newfound wisdom into their ongoing personal development journey.

Psychedelic integration is vital in the journey of self-discovery and healing facilitated by psychedelic experiences. It involves the process of reflecting on the insights, emotions, and revelations gained during a psychedelic journey.

Integration is the part of the process that allows us to carry with us the insights that we gained and to minimize any difficult experiences or thoughts. This practice is crucial as it helps individuals make sense of their experiences, integrate newfound perspectives, and apply them constructively in their personal growth and relationships.

Without proper integration, psychedelic experiences can remain fragmented, potentially leading to confusion or even psychological distress.

Therefore, by engaging in intentional integration practices such as therapy, journaling, or community support, individuals can harness the transformative potential of psychedelics for long-term well-being and self-actualization.

Rejuvyn recognizes the importance of preparation and integration in fostering enduring positive transformations. These principles are integral to our approach to sacred work, contained in every aspect of our retreats.

We offer comprehensive support, encompassing a range of holistic modalities, both prior to and following your retreat experience.

We encourage you to tap into your innate wisdom and allow your direct experiences during the healing retreat to illuminate a deeper understanding of yourself and the most effective resources tailored to your individual needs.

Embrace the higher perspective within, guiding you towards profound self-discovery and lasting well-being.

This is why, together with Nectara, we offer a preparation and 6-week integration program with all of our retreats.

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What We Offer

The Nectara Program

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As part of our 5-Day Retreat this evidence-based program, facilitated by integration and wellness specialists, empowers you to integrate your retreat experience into lasting behavioral and lifestyle changes. Engage with like-minded individuals to build both internal and external support systems.


Preparation: Laying the Groundwork for Transformation

Setting the stage for your transformative journey begins with thorough preparation. Our meticulously crafted preparatory course, in collaboration with Nectara, establishes the foundation for a profound and meaningful exploration.

Through personalized intake sessions, participants gain invaluable tools and insights to navigate the upcoming psilocybin experience. The course either takes place throughout 14 days or can be done self-paced.

This comprehensive resource offers valuable tips on diet, exercise, rest, mental readiness, grounding practices, and more, ensuring you are fully prepared for your journey ahead.

Effective preparation serves as a cornerstone, fostering trust, facilitating the surrender process, and refining intentions. Our preparation program offers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Designing a purpose-driven psilocybin journey with clear objectives
  • Engaging with psychedelic mentors and integration guides prior to the experience
  • Accessing preparatory resources
  • Deepening healing and awareness
  • Minimizing the likelihood of distressing psychedelic episodes
  • Developing strategies to maximize the journey’s benefits

By dedicating time to connect with nature, grounding oneself, and cultivating a personal connection, participants cultivate a nurturing inner environment, ensuring they embark on their psychedelic journey from a place of centeredness and readiness.

Our Support

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1 Guidance

As part of our complimentary preparation assistance, we provide personalized one-on-one consultations with our experienced and empathetic team. These conversations offer insights into what to expect and equip you with resources to prepare spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, including dietary guidelines tailored to your needs.

Moreover, in collaboration with our esteemed partners at Nectara, we offer an enhanced therapeutic support program for guests seeking deeper levels of assistance. This collaborative effort encompasses a wide array of psychedelic support tools, methodologies, and workshops meticulously crafted to augment your transformative journey in a holistic manner. Nectara’s program integrates specialized therapeutic and psychedelic support systems, ensuring that you derive maximum benefit from your experience at Rejuvyn.

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2 Expert Support

Connect with Nectara’s global network of carefully curated psychedelic therapy experts to solidify your intentions and address any queries regarding your psychedelic experience.

Benefit from the support and counseling of highly qualified professionals specializing in diverse modalities such as somatic therapy, dreamwork, and psychotherapy.

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3 Community Engagement

When you join our Integration Retreat Programme, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow participants, fostering a supportive community as you embark on your transformative journey together.

Integration: Sustaining the Transformation

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Your journey continues long after the retreat ends. Rejuvyn proudly presents a comprehensive 6-week integration program in collaboration with Nectara.

As part of this offering, participants receive lifetime access to an extensive integration resource library, along with courses and special events.

This invaluable support system equips you with the necessary tools to seamlessly integrate the profound insights gained during your retreat into your daily life.

The significance of deliberate integration cannot be overstated; it ensures that the impact of your experience extends far beyond the retreat itself.

Without this vital step, transformative insights may fade into the background, remaining outside of conscious awareness, and the retreat experience may remain an isolated event without tangible effects on your daily life.


Benefits of Our Integration Program

  • Translating and embedding insights into meaningful change
  • Participating in group sharing sessions to reflect on newfound insights
  • Engaging in well-being activities to support ongoing growth
  • Deepening understanding of the psilocybin experience
  • Anchoring your transformative journey within your everyday life for continued healing and growth
  • Enhancing personal autonomy and self-efficacy through integration practices
  • Community Connection: Continue your healing journey with Nectara’s Circle, an online platform offering psychedelic support, resources, and monthly integration events. Participate in guided community breathwork sessions and sharing circles, accessing a wealth of integration resources to support your ongoing journey with us.

What is Psychedelic Preparation?

Psychedelic preparation is the foundational process of creating optimal conditions for a safe and transformative psychedelic experience, encompassing mental, physical, and spiritual aspects.

It serves as the initial phase of integration, recognizing that weaving the insights gained from a psychedelic journey into daily life necessitates adequate preparation.

This phase cultivates the capacity to receive and integrate new insights while nurturing the resources essential for post-experience integration. Embracing a holistic perspective, preparation is viewed as an integral aspect of the integration journey.

While the specifics of preparation may vary depending on individual preferences and circumstances, there are several key components that are commonly included in psychedelic preparation.

Education & Research

Educate oneself about the substance being used, its effects, potential risks, and best practices for harm reduction.

Seek guidance from experienced practitioners or psychedelic therapists.

Setting Intentions

Set clear intentions for the journey to guide the experience and focus the mind on specific goals or areas of personal exploration.

Creating a Supportive Environment

Ensure a safe, comfortable setting with minimal distractions and access to emotional support if needed.

Dietary Considerations

Make conscious dietary choices leading up to the experience to prepare the body and mind.

Mental and Emotional Preparation

Cultivate mental and emotional resilience through mindfulness practices, therapy, and addressing unresolved issues.

Trust & Openness

Trust this special journey, be honest with yourself, follow your heart and be open to every insight you may receive.

What is Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelic experiences can serve as gateways to profound states of bliss and cosmic awareness, yet they may also confront individuals with challenging aspects of their life narratives and ingrained patterns.

These experiences, while immensely powerful, can be overwhelming to process independently. Integration entails the ongoing process of translating these mystical encounters into a more aligned, fulfilling, and healthy life.

It involves dedicated efforts, patience, and embodied living, aiming to transform transient flashes of illumination into enduring enlightenment, as beautifully expressed by Huston Smith.

Integration resources offer tools and pathways for assimilating insights from psychedelic retreats into tangible transformation. These resources are diverse and personalized, adapting to individual intentions, interests, and circumstances.

Common modalities include meditation, breathwork, journaling, communing with nature, personalized coaching, and expressive movement practices.

To delve deeper into the fundamentals of psychedelic integration, download Nectara’s complimentary Psychedelic 101 Guidebook.

Engaging with a Psychedelic Integration Coach

Unlock the full potential of your retreat experience by partnering with a Nectara integration coach.

These seasoned guides offer personalized preparation and integration support, delivered conveniently online by a team of carefully selected facilitators.

Each guide embodies qualities of empathy, expertise, and genuine care, committed to facilitating your journey towards profound transformation.

Through compassionate guidance and a supportive framework, they assist you in processing and reflecting upon your experiences, fostering a space where insights can flourish and lasting change can take root.

Whether you’re embarking on a path of healing or seeking deeper self-discovery, Nectara’s diverse team of guides is dedicated to meeting you wherever you are on your journey, guiding you towards the fulfillment of your highest potential.

Learn more about the benefits of working with a Nectara guide:

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