Our Psilocybin Retreat in the Netherlands

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Embark on a distinctive journey into the world of entheogenic medicine with our invitation to a 5-day psilocybin retreat in The Netherlands.

Explore the profound therapeutic benefits of your retreat through a harmonious fusion of intimate psilocybin sessions (limited to 10 participants), communal strength, and a comprehensive integration program.

Our commitment to providing therapeutic support spans the entirety of your psilocybin ceremonies – from preparation through the experience and well into the post-retreat period.

The key to genuine transformation lies in the art of integration following your psilocybin retreat. Our approach acknowledges the significance of both the ‘set’ and ‘setting’ of your retreat.

With our specialised program, you can gracefully navigate this profound journey, supported by a community that understands the challenges and opportunities presented by entheogenic experiences.

There’s no need to do this alone; our integrated approach ensures you have the guidance and support needed at every step of your transformative exploration.


21 – 25 June 2024 – Fully booked/waiting list

26 – 30 July 2024

23 – 27 August 2024


Shared room: €2495

Private en suite bathroom: €2950

Private room couple’s package: €4900

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Advantages of Psychedelic Preparation

  • Clarify your aspirations and goals, unveiling your authentic intention.
  • Enhance awareness of habits you intend to release.
  • Formulate a purposeful psilocybin journey with specific objectives.
  • Connect with your psychedelic mentors and integration guide before the retreat.
  • Utilise invaluable preparatory resources.
  • Deepen healing and self-awareness.
  • Minimise the likelihood of encountering distressing psychedelic episodes.
  • Gain strategies to enhance the benefits throughout the psilocybin journey (utilising techniques like breathwork, mindfulness, and comprehension).
  • Establish realistic anticipation levels.

Advantages of a 5-Day Psilocybin Retreat Netherlands

  • 2 psilocybin ceremonies enabling a profound self-exploration.
  • Personalised insights and guidance from experienced psychedelic mentors.
  • Intimate group environment (limited to 10 members).
  • Collective reflection sessions.
  • Supplementary well-being activities.
  • Yoga and meditation practices.
  • Breath-focused sessions.
  • Sound healing/sonic therapy.
  • Alternative healing modalities.
  • A secure and peaceful environment nestled amidst natural beauty in The Netherlands.
  • Nutritious plant-based meal choices.

Advantages of Psychedelic Integration

  • Convert insights into concrete personal growth and meaningful change.
  • Prolong the retreat’s positive influence upon your return with continuous connection.
  • Participate in group sessions for thoughtful reflection on gained insights.
  • Engage in additional well-being activities complementing integration sessions.
  • Explore your personal insights in-depth.
  • Enhance personal autonomy and self-efficacy.
  • Thoroughly review your psilocybin encounters for a deeper understanding.
  • Ease post-experience ambiguity and misdirection.
  • Integrate your experience into your life narrative for healing work.
  • Maintain ongoing access to a community and comprehensive well-being resources, including sessions on breathwork, meditation guidance, yoga, and personal coaching.
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Heart-Centered, Soft, Understanding

Integration Coach – Erin

Erin is an embodiment teacher and transformational coach who has been on a path of heart-centered service for over a decade.

She began her journey on the spiritual path as a teenager living in New York City and struggling with an eating disorder. It was this dark night of the soul that led her to the medicines of yoga, meditation, and counseling. Through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern psychology, she transformed her suffering into a devotional relationship to spirit and a commitment in supporting others in coming home to their true nature through practice, brave contemplation, and embodied self-love.

Erin has been trained in a multiplicity of healing modalities including yoga, meditation, somatic and spiritual psychology, breathwork, psychedelic assisted healing, and embodied movement practices. She considers herself to be the humble carrier of a toolkit that can support those she works with in grounding into the body, clarifying the mind, and opening to the limitless potentiality of the heart.

Erin currently lives in Topanga Canyon, CA where she offers public classes at The Class and The 360 Emergence. She offers multiple international retreats each year which focus on courageous exploration of our relationships to ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Experienced, Empowering, Supportive

Facilitator – René

One of the Founders of Rejuvyn and the visionary behind for two other entheogenic retreat centres in the Netherlands, René has served as a primary guide during psychedelic retreats and mentor for over thirteen years. Offering a safe environment worthing with psilocybin medicine for significant self-evolution and recuperation for countless global attendees. Throughout his odyssey, René has collaborated intimately with native shamans and Western entheogenic enthusiasts, melding ancient indigenous insights with contemporary Western perspectives.

Owing to his unparalleled knowledge and skills, René has devised the optimal and most conducive setting for participants to undergo this potent transformational venture as you journey through your psychedelic retreats. Every element, from music and lighting to expert facilitators and complementary wellness activities like yoga and sound therapy, is meticulously chosen to curate the ideal ambiance. René fosters confidence by creating a nurturing, unbiased retreat space for participants to delve into their internal and external realms.

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Grounded, Intuitive, Empowering

Integration Coach – Marci

Marci Moberg is a somatic plant medicine guide with a decade of experience in supporting clients and a spiritual path of study and healing for more than 20 years.

Embarking on a profound journey with sacred psilocybin mushrooms, she shattered the chains of complex PTSD, unlocking a profound spiritual awakening. This birthed her life’s purpose: to honor the healing power of sacred plants and fungi, guiding others toward their transformative potential.

Marci’s path spans two decades of personal growth, navigating a labyrinth of trauma including intergenerational struggles, abuse, illness, and profound loss. Through dedicated inner work, she alchemized adversity into wisdom, compassion, and profound self-love, now extending her hand to others on similar paths.

Rooted in holistic principles, Marci’s approach seamlessly weaves together in direct experience in diverse spiritual traditions and therapeutic modalities. Drawing from the depths of Orthodox and Mystical Islam, Buddhism (Theravada, Nyingma, and Zen), Classical Hatha Raja Yoga, the Divine Feminine, Folk Herbalism and Magic, The Poison Path, dreamwork, Animism, and Earth-Based Spirituality, ancestral and past life healing.

She participates in ongoing study and apprenticeship in two traditional plant medicine lineages. And has received training and 1:1 mentorship in somatics and parts work informed by Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi, and Internal Family System.

Marci maintains a private practice for clients seeking support with preparation and integration for plant medicine journeys, microdosing, and trauma healing. She occasionally leads and supports small group retreats for deep transformation.

5-day Psilocybin Retreat Netherlands

You will have unrestricted access to a digital platform filled with helpful resources, enabling you to systematically prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for your psilocybin retreats. Immerse yourself in the course at your convenience, revisiting it post-retreat or ahead of any subsequent psychedelic experiences.

Experience a thoughtfully curated series of psilocybin sessions hosted at our exclusive retreat venue. We take pride in delivering an immersion that seamlessly intertwines ancient wisdom and natural remedies with the utmost professionalism and a dedicated support team, all fully committed to ensuring your comfort and safety.

Following the retreat, engage with a comprehensive digital programme designed to strengthen the newly formed connections and insights gained during your time with us.

Over a six-week period of group discussions, you’ll be encouraged to unlock the full potential of your retreat through guided conversations, straightforward group tasks, and a genuinely empathetic environment that respects your unique journey and specific objectives.

This provides a transformative experience, with positive outcomes amplified through continuous support.

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Preparation, Psilocybin Retreat
& Integration

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Enhance your retreat experience through our exclusive membership package, meticulously designed to support your transformative journey. Benefit from unparalleled assistance from our team of experienced psychedelic facilitators and therapists.

Phase 1: Preparation

Before your psilocybin retreat, lay the groundwork with our tailored preparation course.

Access bite-sized resources covering intention setting, internal preparation (mindset), and external setting (ambiance).

These tools ensure you’re ready for your journey—boosting awareness, emotional equilibrium, and overall readiness.

Preparation highlight:

Elevate your experience with thorough readiness, heightened awareness, and emotional balance.

Phase 2: Psilocybin Retreat Netherlands

Engage in two psychedelic sessions under the guidance of seasoned facilitators.

Our supportive psilocybin retreat space, nestled in the natural surroundings of the Dutch countryside, receives utmost care and attention.

Experienced guides navigate you through profound encounters, fostering an atmosphere of trust. Group reflection sessions and wellness activities enhance your experience, augmenting both mindset and ambiance.

Retreat highlight:

Expert facilitation creates an ideal backdrop, amplifying the benefits of your psilocybin experiences.

Phase 3: Integration

Transition seamlessly from your psilocybin retreat to a life-changing experience.

Our holistic integration programme facilitates enduring psychological and emotional healing, steering clear of perpetual reliance on entheogenic remedies.

The post-retreat period becomes a golden opportunity to shed unproductive mindsets and adopt revitalising ones, enhancing life satisfaction and holistic health.

This comprehensive integration programme offers a nurturing space for self-expression, adapting to the evolving needs of the collective.

Dive deep into your psychedelic journey, explore its layered significances, and acquire tools for personal evolution. Lifetime access to our resource bank ensures continual support.

Integration is overseen by expert integration therapists, selected by Nectara. In six group sessions, they curate a trauma-sensitive space, allowing participants to freely share and engage without judgement.

It’s important to note that participation is flexible: every type and level of engagement is valued, whether vocal or observational.

Integration highlight:

Leverage expert guidance to fortify enduring, impactful transformations and avoid missing valuable integration opportunities.

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Join Rejuvyn, where nurturing and inclusive spaces foster transformative self-exploration, inner healing, and personal evolution.

Our full-spectrum psilocybin and integration retreat programme provide an exclusively unique experience.

With a community grounded in trust and compassion, experience a holistic and safe approach to personal evolution.

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Psychedelic Integration

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Psychedelic Integration

In the ever-expanding realm of holistic well-being and personal growth, psychedelic integration has emerged prominently.

As more individuals turn to psychedelic experiences for self-discovery and healing, the significance of psychedelic integration cannot be overstated.

It stands as a fundamental pillar, ensuring that the transformative outcomes of these profound journeys are not fleeting moments but are deeply embedded in long-term, sustainable changes in one’s life.

But what truly characterises psychedelic integration? Digging deeper, psychedelic integration is a complex, conscious process that extends beyond the immediate aftermath of a psychedelic experience.

It involves seamlessly weaving the profound insights, intense emotions, and deep-seated realisations arising from a psychedelic journey into the fabric of one’s daily life.

Instead of allowing these moments of enlightenment to fade away, psychedelic integration offers a framework for individuals to comprehend, reflect upon, and incorporate these revelations into their personal narratives, beliefs, and behaviours.

Essentially, psychedelic integration serves as a bridge—a connector linking the mystical, subconscious or otherworldly revelations encountered during a psychedelic session with the tangible, grounded reality of everyday existence.

By facilitating a harmonious melding of these two worlds, psychedelic integration ensures that the benefits of such experiences are deeply rooted, allowing individuals to continually draw from their insights and navigate a more enriched, purposeful life.

Psychedelic Integration Therapy

In the realm of personal transformation, particularly those influenced by psychedelic journeys, the journey can be intricate and multifaceted.

Navigating this terrain may at times feel overwhelming, prompting a desire for a structured approach to comprehend and assimilate these experiences. This is where the invaluable concept of psychedelic integration support comes into play.

Led by different integration experts, psychedelic integration support extends beyond conventional post-session counselling. It is a carefully tailored therapeutic process that creates a well-defined and supportive environment for individuals to reflect upon and interpret their psychedelic experiences.

Within the secure confines of this support, participants receive the tools and guidance to delve deeply into their revelations, piecing together the myriad of emotions, visions, and realisations.

Guided by therapists specialised in psychedelic integration support, individuals are empowered to deconstruct their experiences within the broader context of their personal histories, challenges, aspirations, and life narratives.

The objective is not merely to reminisce but to extract valuable insights applicable to daily life. By drawing out and contextualising these profound moments, psychedelic integration support ensures that these insights become woven into the fabric of an individual’s existence, allowing the transformative power of the psychedelic journey to have a lasting and meaningful impact on their life trajectory.

Psychedelic Integration Coaching

Exploring another facet in holistic personal growth is psychedelic integration coaching.

Different from therapy, this coaching approach offers a highly personalised and bespoke strategy, equipping individuals with the tools, insights, and strategies essential for harnessing the full potential of their psychedelic journeys.

Central to psychedelic integration coaching is the concept of empowerment. It transcends processing or reflecting upon an experience; it’s about translating realisations into actionable plans that facilitate lasting and meaningful transformations.

Coaches in this field are not passive listeners but active facilitators, assisting individuals in setting clear intentions, crystallising objectives, and mapping out steps to bridge the gap between psychedelic revelations and real-world applications.

By merging therapeutic principles with the hands-on approach of psychedelic integration coaching, individuals gain a comprehensive framework.

This amalgamation enables them not only to comprehend and internalise the depths of their psychedelic encounters but also to manifest the acquired wisdom in various aspects of their daily lives.

In essence, psychedelic integration coaching emphasises that the journey extends beyond the psychedelic experience; it’s about seamlessly integrating transformative insights into the ebb and flow of everyday existence, fostering a harmonious alignment between the profound and the mundane.


Our retreats typically have age restrictions. Participants must be at least 18 years old, and exceptions are rare and subject to careful consideration.

While prior experience can be beneficial, it is not a prerequisite. Our retreats are designed to accommodate individuals with varying levels of experience, and our facilitators provide guidance tailored to each participant’s needs.

Preparing for a retreat involves physical, mental, and emotional readiness. Luckily our retreat packages include preparation sessions with our professionals. We provide pre-retreat guidelines that include dietary recommendations, meditation practices, and information to help participants create a supportive mindset.

Participant privacy is a top priority. All personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality, and participants are encouraged to share only what they feel comfortable discussing.

Our retreats are designed to provide a supportive and introspective environment. Participants will have guided sessions where they can experience the effects of psilocybin under the supervision of trained facilitators. These sessions are complemented by activities such as meditation, sharing circles, yoga, preparation, and integration.

A guided experience in a controlled setting with trained facilitators offers a structured and supportive environment. Self-administration lacks professional guidance and may pose additional risks.

Music is often used to enhance the psilocybin experience, creating a supportive and immersive atmosphere. Our retreats carefully curate playlists to help guide the journey.

Our facilitators are trained to handle challenging experiences with compassion and skill. Techniques such as reassurance, redirection, breath awareness and mindfulness are employed to guide participants through difficult moments.

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