Beautiful & Holy Experience

Few weeks ago I got opportunity to join 5-days retreat with most stunning setting in Malaga mountains.

Such a beautiful and holy experience with such a lovely people. How total strangers come as a family in such a short time.

We are here to make a change ✨

Totally 5 star recommendation for this place!


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Just the beginning

Gratitude doesn’t even begin to express my love for this place, these people, and a truly unforgettable experience that will forever hold a very special place in my heart.

Thank you Rejuvyn & 9 perfect strangers for allowing me to see all the beauty in this world & myself — to trust, surrender & let go.

This is just the beginning 🤍


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Forever Grateful

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I am incredibly grateful to the amazing team at Rejuvyn. I spent a lot of time researching online and reaching out to various retreat centers, and I ultimately chose Rejuvyn, which turned out to be an absolutely life-changing decision for me.

From the moment I began the intake process until the intergration sessions, I was overwhelmed by the love and care that the staff provided. I felt supported and guided throughout the entire retreat, and the experience itself was beyond my wildest dreams.

The psilocybin ceremonies were nothing short of transformative. The food at the retreat was delicious and nourishing. The location was absolutely stunning, providing a peaceful and serene environment for healing. Every little detail was taken care of with such love and care, creating a truly special experience.

The knowledge and expertise of the staff were exceptional, and their ability to infuse humor into the process made the process even more light.


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A Transformative Retreat

Recently, I participated in a transformative retreat, and it’s safe to say it was a pivotal moment in my life. The retreat was expertly led by a remarkable and supportive team.

They greeted us warmly, creating an atmosphere of comfort and guidance that was conducive to healing. Nestled in a setting of natural beauty, the centre itself was a haven. The food was exceptional, made from fresh ingredients and served with a genuine care that enhanced the experience. If you’re considering a psychedelic journey in Europe, I highly recommend that you visit this particular retreat to discover its magic first-hand.

A huge thank you to the Team or this game-changing experience; I couldn’t be more grateful for your help and support.


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Life changing & Heart warming

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I have only good words to say about this retreat.

The team was incredibly welcoming and made me feel right at ease from the moment I arrived, soothing my nerves.

I had done extensive research on psilocybin before finally attending a retreat, and I have to say that the days in Spain far exceeded my best hopes.

It’s not only the insights from the experience, but also the love and connection I experience with the team that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. This won’t be my last time! Much love


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Undoubtedly The Pinnacle Of My Life’s Journey

Experiencing a weekend at this location was undoubtedly the pinnacle of my life’s journey so far. Immense gratitude goes out to the phenomenal crew for their nurturing spirit, heartfelt support, and thoughtful preparation of the retreat space.

The centre itself is a serene oasis, completely enveloped by nature, offering ultimate comfort and coziness. Plus, the cuisine was nothing short of delectable! I can’t express enough how much I respect and appreciate the transformative work this Team does; they’ve earned my lifelong gratitude.


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My experience…

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My time at Rejuvyn’s Spain location was an amazing experience and one that will remain with me for the rest of my life. Truly transformative, the retreat was everything I hoped it would be as I was completely cared for during my stay.

The team were excellent, as I was quite nervous from my first psychedelic experience; however, René and his guides made me feel completely at ease. They were so supportive and gave me the confidence to go through this process in an empowered way and explained to me everything I needed to know so I could bring the beautiful insights I gained to my everyday life back home.

The location was a dream, the sun and surroundings were the perfect environment to do this transformative work. It really felt like an extra gift to myself. Having the warm sun and pool time really relaxed me and helped me to let go and surrender to the process. Especially after the ceremony I could really feel the healing qualities of the sun rays and being close to nature!

All in all I cannot recommend attending a retreat hosted by Rejuvyn enough, it was an excellent experience, I felt safe and came away reborn!


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Fundamentally Altered The Course Of My Life

I recently participated in a retreat here and it fundamentally altered the course of my life, offering profound healing along the way. The staff deserves immense praise for orchestrating such an unparalleled healing voyage.

The centre operates flawlessly, with the team fully dedicated to facilitating transformative experiences. If you’re on the hunt for a psychedelic experience in Europe, look no further, reserve a spot, you won’t be disappointed!


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Increased Self-Awareness & Emotional Breakthrough

I’m immensely grateful for the nurturing atmosphere you’ve cultivated here. The space is a vibrant tapestry of warmth, safety, and tranquility. Your genuine compassion shines through, blending seamlessly with the power of the plant medicine to heal deeply embedded emotional wounds from my early years. This experience has been more transformative for me than years of conventional therapy; it’s like I’ve been redefined at my core, now feeling a newfound sense of peace and liberation.

he retreat was structured in a way that each insight led to the next, forming a path of increased self-awareness. While I could sense the shifts taking place, it wasn’t until a dramatic emotional breakthrough that I realized the full scope of the transformation. Since then, I’ve noticed how these changes manifest in my day-to-day emotional responses. Journaling has been a valuable tool for me, aiding in the ongoing integration of this extraordinary experience.

Huge thanks to everyone involved. I genuinely hope our paths cross again. Sending waves of love and deep gratitude your way.


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An Eye-Opening Chapter In My Life Journey

Hi there!

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude and share some insights from my first-ever psychedelic retreat. From the get-go, the team’s warm demeanor and comprehensive briefings,both during pre-booking conversations and on-site orientations led made me feel comfortable and well-informed.

One of my goals entering this retreat was to cultivate greater self-love and self-care. Since returning to my everyday routine, I’ve observed palpable changes in my behavior and attitudes. Remarkably, I’ve not felt the need to drink alcohol; it’s as though my body doesn’t crave it, even when faced with stress. Additionally, I’ve become more intentional about how I allocate my time and energy, leading to a newfound sense of inner peace and self-connection. When it comes to making sense of this transformative journey, journaling has turned out to be an invaluable tool. I’ve never been consistent with keeping a journal before, but now it feels both intuitive and indispensable.

Overall, this retreat has been an eye-opening chapter in my life journey, and I’m deeply thankful to the Rejuvyn team for making such a mystical and safe space accessible for those of us seeking deeper meaning. I absolutely plan to return!


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Deep Enlightenment

Participating in the five-day psychedelic retreat stands as a monumental moment in my life. Words fall short to describe the deep enlightenment garnered through the ceremonies. The experience addressed long-standing physical ailments and unveiled insights into my true essence, illuminating my internal journey.

The medicine is nothing short of miraculous, and their transformative powers are woefully underrecognised by mainstream culture. Their effect doesn’t just stop after the retreat; upon returning home, the newfound awareness and healing continue to evolve. I now feel a sense of peace, connectedness, and improved health.

The level of professionalism and compassion from the team was exceptional, adding to the richness of the experience. The ambiance of the location was serene, and the meals were scrumptious. I fully plan on revisiting this enlightening journey in the near term.

Sending heartfelt appreciation to you all!


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