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Experience deeper levels of inner growth and self-healing with our team of professionals in the Netherlands

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Full-spectrum support

Guidance throughout your psilocybin retreat process, Retreats at Rejuvyn offer a holistic approach to psychedelic healing incorporating preparation and integration with a powerful psilocybin experience so you can create lasting change in your life.

Prepare for your experience with our exclusive preparation course and intention sessions to give you a solid grounding before your retreat.

Our expert facilitators provide a safe and loving environment with expert knowledge so you can embark on this powerful journey with confidence.

Integration ensures that you can translate your profound insights to lasting change in your life. Gain access to a community platform designed to facilitate your personal and spiritual growth with ongoing events and resources.



Beautiful & Holy Experience

Beautiful & Holy Experience Few weeks ago I got opportunity to join 5-days retreat with most stunning setting in Malaga mountains.Such a beautiful and holy experience with such a lovely people. How total strangers come as a family in such a short time.We are here to make a change ✨Totally 5 star recommendation for this place!


Beautiful & Holy Experience

Gratitude doesn’t even begin to express my love for this place, these people, and a truly unforgettable experience that will forever hold a very special place in my heart.<br/>Thank you Rejuvyn & 9 perfect strangers for allowing me to see all the beauty in this world & myself — to trust, surrender & let go.<br/>This is just the beginning 🤍

Our Psilocybin Retreat Phases

Free Consultation

During the initial phase, we offer a free, non-binding consultation to discuss your intentions, expectations, and any concerns. This helps us understand your needs and ensures we can provide a safe and personalized experience.


If you qualify, you can officially sign up for the retreat. This involves confirming your medical details, securing a spot, and making any required payments.


Receive expert guidance on dietary suggestions, mindfulness practices, educational resources, connection with others who are attending, and meeting your integration guide to enhance the overall experience and ensure a positive and meaningful encounter with psilocybin.

5-Day Psilocybin Retreat

The retreat itself involves two psilocybin ceremonies in a supportive and controlled environment. Facilitators guide you through the psychedelic experience, fostering introspection, self-discovery, and potentially transformative insights in a safe and structured setting.


Following the retreat, the integration phase begins. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their experiences, insights, and emotions. Led by our expert integration guide, we will help you apply newfound understanding to your daily life, fostering long-term positive changes.

Expert Facilitators And Therapists
Tools To Empower & Unlock Your Fullest Potential

100% Legal & Safe Psilocybin Retreat

What’s Included in your retreat:

2 psilocybin ceremonies enabling a profound self-exploration.

Personalized insights and guidance from experienced psychedelic mentors.

Intimate group environment (limited to 10 members).

Collective reflection sessions.

Supplementary well-being activities.

Yoga and meditation practices.

What’s Included in 

Breath-focused sessions.

Sound healing/sonic therapy.

Alternative healing modalities.

A secure and peaceful environment nestled amidst natural beauty in The Netherlands.

Nutritious plant-based meal choices.

Private or shared room accommodations.

Our Team

More Reviews


A Transformative Retreat

Recently, I participated in a transformative retreat, and it’s safe to say it was a pivotal moment in my life. The retreat was expertly led by a remarkable and supportive team. They greeted us warmly, creating an atmosphere of comfort and guidance that was conducive to healing. Nestled in a setting of natural beauty, the centre itself was a haven. The food was exceptional, made from fresh ingredients and served with a genuine care that enhanced the experience. If you’re considering a psychedelic journey in Europe, I highly recommend that you visit this particular retreat to discover its magic first-hand. A huge thank you to the Team or this game-changing experience; I couldn’t be more grateful for your help and support.


Undoubtedly The Pinnacle Of My Life’s Journey

Experiencing a weekend at this location was undoubtedly the pinnacle of my life’s journey so far. Immense gratitude goes out to the phenomenal crew for their nurturing spirit, heartfelt support, and thoughtful preparation of the retreat space. The centre itself is a serene oasis, completely enveloped by nature, offering ultimate comfort and coziness. Plus, the cuisine was nothing short of delectable! I can’t express enough how much I respect and appreciate the transformative work this Team does; they’ve earned my lifelong gratitude.

What Makes us Unique


Intimate Setting

All of our retreats are limited to a maximum of only eight people to ensure that you can have your psilocybin experience in tranquillity and peaceful solitude. In addition, we guarantee that all our guests will receive the necessary support and care from our specially selected expert team of psychedelic facilitators.

Therapeutical Support

Our trusted partners at Nectara offer a network of psychedelic therapists and coaches who grant specialised support throughout this profound process. This partnership enables us to provide a therapeutic care and support system dedicated to helping you avoid the common challenges associated with integrating these powerful psychedelic experiences.

20 years of Trusted Experience

With over 20 years of combined experience, our trusted team have developed the specialised skills needed to ensure the most effective psilocybin experience possible for you to gain the insights and perspectives that will empower you to break unhelpful habit patterns and lay down new more positive tracks.

Intimate Setting

All of our retreats are limited to a maximum of only eight people to ensure that you can have your psilocybin experience in tranquillity and peaceful solitude. In addition, we guarantee that all our guests will receive the necessary support and care from our specially selected expert team of psychedelic facilitators.

Embark on a transcendent voyage where your well-being, consciousness, and spiritual connectivity are amplified through self-discovery and holistic integration.

Book a free consultation to register for an upcoming psilocybin retreat

What you get:

Preparation sessions with an integration guide

5-Day Psilocybin Retreat in the

Long-term integration support

Accommodations starting at €2495

Want to attend a private retreat instead?

We also offer 1-day private and exclusive customised retreats in the Netherlands

1-Day Private Retreat

Exclusive customised retreat

Frequently asked questions

Are there age restrictions for psilocybin retreats?

Our retreats typically have age restrictions. Participants must be at least 18 years old, and exceptions are rare and subject to careful consideration.

Can I attend a psilocybin retreat if I have no prior psychedelic experience?

While prior experience can be beneficial, it is not a prerequisite. Our retreats are designed to accommodate individuals with varying levels of experience, and our facilitators provide guidance tailored to each participant’s needs.

How do I prepare for a psilocybin retreat?

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How do you ensure participant privacy and confidentiality?

Participant privacy is a top priority. All personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality, and participants are encouraged to share only what they feel comfortable discussing.

What happens during a psilocybin retreat?

Our retreats are designed to provide a supportive and introspective environment. Participants will have guided sessions where they can experience the effects of psilocybin under the supervision of trained facilitators. These sessions are complemented by activities such as meditation, sharing circles, yoga, preparation, and integration.

What is the difference between a guided psilocybin experience and self-administration?

A guided experience in a controlled setting with trained facilitators offers a structured and supportive environment. Self-administration lacks professional guidance and may pose additional risks.

What is the role of music in a psilocybin session?

Music is often used to enhance the psilocybin experience, creating a supportive and immersive atmosphere. Our retreats carefully curate playlists to help guide the journey.

What support is provided for challenging experiences during a session?

Our facilitators are trained to handle challenging experiences with compassion and skill. Techniques such as reassurance, redirection, breath awareness and mindfulness are employed to guide participants through difficult moments.

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