Can I bring my own psilocybin?

No. For legal and safety reasons, participants are not allowed to bring their own psilocybin to the retreat. Psilocybin administration is carefully managed by trained facilitators in controlled doses.

What is the purpose of integration sessions?

Integration sessions are crucial for helping participants process and make sense of their psilocybin experiences. Facilitators work with participants to explore insights gained during the retreat and provide tools for integrating these insights into their daily...

Are there any medical considerations?

Participants with certain medical conditions or taking specific medications may not be suitable for a psilocybin retreat. We conduct thorough medical screenings to ensure the safety of all participants. We encourage those who have had history of mental illness to...

What should I expect from a psilocybin experience?

Psilocybin experiences can vary, but common effects include altered perception, heightened emotions, and increased introspection. Our facilitators are trained to help participants navigate these experiences and integrate them into their lives afterward.

Who are the facilitators?

Our experienced plant medicine facilitators are professionals with backgrounds in psychology, yoga, counseling, consciousness teaching, embodiment teaching, and psychedelic therapy. They guide participants through their psilocybin experiences with care and...